Fitness Center Rules

Patrons are utilizing the equipment and facilities at their own risk.  The City of Oak Grove, KY and/or the Community Center are not liable for any injuries that might occur as a result of an individual’s use of the facilities.

·        Children under the age of 16 are not permitted in the fitness strength training center or cardio training room.  Children aged 16 and up may use the fitness equipment when accompanied by an adult member who is responsible for direct supervision 

·      An adult is defined as someone 18 years or older, and direct supervision is defined as being immediately adjacent to the machine that the child is using assuring that the child is using the equipment properly.

·        All users (over the age of 18 not required, but recommended) of the wellness area must complete a scheduled orientation

·        Rubber soled shoes that cover the entire foot must be worn at all times. 

·        Shirts must be worn at all times.  Bathing suits and jeans are not permitted.

·        Please wipe down equipment after each use with disinfecting wipes

·        Please be considerate and allow others to “work-in”

·        Safety is essential.  Always execute proper form when using free weights and return weights to proper area when work-out is complete

·         Please report any equipment problems to the front desk or fitness center attendant